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Ywetta Sarah Nikel

“I never look at other people’s work. My mind has to be completely focused on my own illusions," – Alexander McQueen

An inspirational quote to many in the fashion world, but for some, it is a foundation for which they build their own styles. For fashion photographer Ywetta Nikel, the quote from one of her favourite designers has become a way of expressing her creativity through her photography. 

The Prague based photographer has been making waves in the fashion world with her bold, no holds looks. As a freelance fashion photographer, Nikel has done collaborations with numerous fashion magazines throughout Europe and has created many looks that have drawn the creative eye. Nikel’s background in art has become the basis for which she builds her photography, waiting for inspiration to strike and then running with what drives her creativity. After sparking her passion and creativity through painting, Nikel has moved to becoming a full-time fashion photographer, working mainly freelance in the Czech Republic. 

“I take my creativity from my paintings and use them in my photographs,” said Nikel through a translator. “I don’t want to make visions of other people, I want to make my own visions in my photographs. The photographs have to have my authenticity. I’m a self-taught photographer, it [photography inspiration] comes from within me, it comes from my drive. It fills me up. I used to study for fifteen hours a day because I really loved it [photography].”

With her combined love for fashion and art, Nikel eagerly moved into fashion photography, focusing her talents on ideas that many would consider uncommon for mainstream fashion. Drawing inspiration from some of her favourite designers, like Alexander McQueen, Nikel strives to create looks that have never been done before. Unlike many fashion photographers, Nickel doesn’t focus on current trends, she strives to add parts of her inner self in her art, making sure every photograph is original and authentic. With bold colours and artistic representations, Nikel’s work catches the eye of both fashion lovers and artists. 

“I love fashion and design, but looks that are not common,” said Nikel. “I like something different, something not commercial. It [photographs] always has to be above average, it can’t be the mainstream. It has to really interest me.”

Unlike many fashion photographers, Nikel draws inspiration from her own artistic world and images that spark creativity from within. Her shoots all have a touch of improvisation, Nikel believing that nothing can be perfect, but everything can be authentically unique. 

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“During my shoots I feel like a small child,” said Nikel. “A small child in an older body. I love to play with it [style] and put different things on different people. I came up with my own artistic world when I was younger and I’m still in it as an adult. The work has to interest me in the first place. I’m not inspired by others, that would just cloud my own inspiration, if I were then how would I know it was my own idea?”

Her artwork speaks for itself, with creative and bold looks, ones that could only come from the inner workings of a true artist. Nikel said that she wants her work to talk to and bring out emotions in people, emotions that inspire and create a spark for the viewer. She wants her artwork to show that everyone can be beautiful and wants her photographs to breathe that into everyone that feels their spark. 

“It does not matter what lives we lead, but what we leave behind. I don't like to talk about myself, the work speaks for me, because it contains a piece of my personality, I perceive and definitely communicate with my viewers.”

Nikel believes that everyone is beautiful and her images help bring out emotions inside of people that help them discover that. 

“Nothing can be perfect, but everything can be originally authentic.”


Article by Alexandra Sempie

"I love each and every one of them because they are mine; I thought of them, and I created them. I could never pick one I love more than the other.” 

 Ywetta Nikel

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