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Force of Nature

Interview with Sabrina Jacqui Levin


Sabrina Jacqui Levin = force of nature. However, this equation is a severe understatement. Let’s just agree that our featured artist this month is full of refreshing resolve. And let’s not forget that she’s talented to boot!

Welcome to Zolota, Sabrina! Where did it all begin for you?
I began learning how to sew when I was about 11 years old, from both self teaching and in-home lessons from a tutor. I was very fortunate to attend a high school that had a fashion program where I gained even more knowledge of sewing and construction. I went on to be accepted at my dream school, Parsons, where I was awarded the most scholarship they gave at the time. Unfortunately, I had to leave tragically mid-way through the year because of issues with my financial aid and having been paying for school myself, it was out of the question to continue. I continued my education to receive a BFA in Fashion Design at MassArt. 

Where do you live and how does this impact your art?
I live in New York. Sometimes I think it negatively impacts my art because I’m surrounded by so much of it. I often like to disconnect and withdraw a bit to regroup.

What inspires you?
Personal experiences, emotion, music, politics, nature.

What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of the simple fact that I am still persevering, despite how often the industry has beaten me down. They say don’t give up on your dreams, right? 

What was your first break into the biz?
It sounds wild to say I started in high school, but it was the first full and complete collection I created. I sold most of it via Etsy. So I’ll start there. But I went on to continue my education, grow and develop my skills. I re-launched this year with my recent 5 look collection, “Let Them Eat The Rich” (which is the work included here).

Any interesting anecdotes?
I started drawing fashion illustrations at 4 years old and still have them to this day!

Painting, learning French, and becoming a sommelier.

Do you have any creative projects, shows, exhibitions coming up?

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I am currently working on a new collection! Ten looks. This collection will be more personal rather than political based like LTETR. I'd like to be able to do a show/exhibition for this collection, if funds allow.

What is your big career goal?
To design a piece for the Met Gala and/or be in the exhibit.

Your life motto?
Do things with passion or not at all.

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