Los Angeles, USA 

Photography: Steven Khan

Fashion: Joline Towers

Makeup & Hair: D’angelo Thompson

Models: Sarah DeAnna & Joline Towers

Top by Farah Al Mesbah

smoky quartz earrings and bracelet by PLECAS

Model: Sarah

Hand-painted vest and boots by ART

3D printed bracelet by Lada Legina

bodysuit by Fashion Nova

Model: Joline 

3D printed bracelet and earring by Lada Legina, corset by Upstreet Kid, bralette by Free People, Model: Sarah

Sequin hoodie by M.T.S.Z., 3D printed ring by Lada Legina, Legwarmers by ARZE, Model: Joline 

Dress by Lilit Markosyan

Bracelet by Kat Ong

Model: Joline 

Sweater by Found Los Angeles

Bodysuit by Lilith Viper

Model: Sarah

Dress by Sophia Nubes

necklace by Kat Ong

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