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The purpose of my art is to pursue the Truth. We get closer to the Truth about the world when we first observe it from different points of view, perceive through many senses, and then integrate it in one act of artistic expression. In my artwork, I create an abundance of shape and colour transformations that give the viewer an illusion of infinity. It becomes a reflection of our world, which is immensely diverse and virtually endless. I also constantly look for new media and technologies and mix them with their traditional repertoire. My search for an ideal merge drives me while experimenting with varieties of their combinations. For example, I merge oil or acrylic painting with digital graphic technologies to augment the effects of each technique. The abundance of colours and intricate ornaments create a surreal atmosphere of infinity and have a mesmerising impact on the viewer.

As a result, I believe that I am on my way to develop my unique artistic style. My work is an interplay of unconscious flow, which sparks the creative process, and conscious, deliberate perfecting of an image, giving the form to the infinite energy of the flow. Thus, every detail, every colour and shape, and surrounding elements have their meaning and are precisely constructed – like in baroque ornaments. My goal as a human being is to lead other people on their journey of self-discovery while maintaining inner balance and harmony. Visual arts are a perfect vehicle for non-verbal communication because they form a universal language recognised by everyone. Hence, they are my way of communicating with other people whom I take into the realm of happiness, tranquillity, and harmony, thereby changing the world. Doing it drives me throughout life, gives me energy, and serves as a source of endless inspiration.

Digital Artist/Fine Artist/Creative Director/Female Model/Fashion Designer/Textile Designer: Katarina Chyrva

Photographer: Viktor Chyrva

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