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Tips to Help Make Your Wedding Dress Personal Without Breaking the Bank



Finding the perfect wedding dress can quickly become a stressful and very financially draining situation. Many brides dream of the princess gown without realizing the actual cost of dresses so elaborately made. Materials, fabrics, and time are all factors in how much a dress ends up costing. While finding the perfect wedding dress on a tight budget can be stressful, it isn’t impossible. Here are some helpful tips to help you find the perfect gown without having to tap into your life savings.

Shop around and look into price matching. Many different bridal stores carry the same designer and are able to order dresses from their lines. Bridal shops can sometimes have different prices based on where they are located, for example bridal shops in high traffic areas like larger cities may charge more for a gown that a shop in quieter areas charge. Ask around, do some research, and see who can do price matching. Remember, get a price match in writing and save yourself a trip.

Start simple and build up. When you start with a gown that is simple but still elegant, such as a chiffon sheath with no applique, you can get a good price on it. Once you have the gown, look into applying your own applique and beading, all of which can be found at many fabric stores. If you’re not comfortable with applying it yourself, look into seamstresses that specialize in wedding gowns and see what they charge. As a bonus, you’ll have a more personal touch to your already extraordinary wedding gown.

Step out of your comfort zone and into a gown you never thought you would like.

You would be surprised what you can find when you try on different gowns. Bridal gowns are vastly different from trying on regular clothes and although you may think you only want one particular style gown, trying on numerous looks can change your perspective and way of thinking. Don’t be afraid, expand your bridal gown horizons and who knows, you may trade your bedazzled ball gown look for a lacy mermaid style.


Wedding Dresses Stylist: Alexandra Sempie

Photo Location Bridal Store: Best for Brides

Photographer: Alissa Baltazar


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