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Updated: Oct 4, 2021


“Over 15 years ago, our business began offering customized leather sandal production. Our idea was to give the customer a unique product with a great range of models and colours. Our production process utilizes leathers from food industry waste. Instead of being disposed in a landfill site, the leathers are reinserted into the circle of life and continue to be used for a long time.

My business is located in Italy, but our land is Tuscany. The vegetable-tanned leather of our sandals and clogs is influenced by our territory’s history. We make it in the traditional way and use only natural tannis for the vegetable tanning. This is not only less polluting but makes the products unique and enhances the characteristics of the skin. So the sandals are wearable for many years and easily repairable after prolonged use.

My name is Paola Venzi and I’m the owner of Mario Doni.”

Designer: Mario Doni

Photography: Baltazar MediaWorks

Interview by Robbie McNamara


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