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Over the years, plus-sized women have begun to notice the same thing; clothing options are becoming limited in style and individuality. In short, plus-sized clothing has become shapeless and uninspiring. Many fashion brands are doing their best to make their clothing lines more inclusive to all sizes, but many people are finding that plus-sized clothing has become lack in both colours and styles. A majority of brands make plus-sized clothes primarily in darker colours to seem more figure flattering and people have begun to demand more palette options as well as more silhouette options.

It has become well-known that plus-sized women have fewer options when it comes to clothing varieties and places to find said clothing items. With limited colour, silhouette, and pricing options, many plus-sized women miss out on fashion trends.

While many fashion retailers do their best to include plus-sized clothing in their lines, they make one crucial mistake in their design process: slim fit and plus-sized clothing are vastly different when it comes to fit. Many fashion retailers have explained that when cutting for their plus-sized lines, they merely make their slim fit clothing larger, which is why many women find plus-sized clothing ill-fitting for their shape. Why do companies not take the time to figure out which cuts look better for plus-sized women? It all has to do with fast fashion. Many retailers don’t have the time to make multiple patterns for the same cloth being cut, so retailers merely make the original templates larger, which is why many women find that plus-sized clothing does not fit them as well.

Plus-sized women also face another struggle when it comes to clothes shopping, namely price. Because companies require more fabric to cut plus-sized clothing, many retailers have to charge twice, sometimes even three times as much for plus-sized as they would with their slim fit counterparts.

While the fashion industry may have been restrictive in plus-sized options in the past, the future of fashion is changing, and it is changing rapidly. Many retailers are coming out with more size inclusive clothing options as well as a larger colour palette to choose from. More brands are partnering with plus-sized models as well as the emerging of plus-sized influencers, some of which have even started running their own fashion brands. Social media has made it easier for plus-sized women to be seen and heard in the fashion industry and many retailers have begun to take notice.

The fashion industry is one of the largest in the world, yet they leave a majority of women behind all because of their size. Representation for all is so important which it why the time has come for plus-sized inclusion to become a new movement in the fashion industry!


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