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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

by Colin Ward

Photographer: Colin Ward @colin_ward_photography

Models: Sienna Hayes, Olivia Preston, and Viribus Femina

"I have been photographing since I was a kid shooting with film and developing it in my parents' bathroom.  I was never a full time professional photographer, but I always took it seriously.  Since retiring from my professional career, I have dived into digital photography and exhibit in a gallery and other places wherever I can.  My focus is on beauty and positivity and I avoid political and negative subjects as much as possible.  I want to my work to be eye catching, striking and uplifting.  I enjoy photographing fine art nudes, and the photos featured are from mostly nude photo tours in Mexico and Utah with a group called UTAdventures.  I also photograph portraits and travel, but fine art is my prime objective.  Otherwise, I let the photos speak for me...."

Interesting fact: All photos was taken with a Fuji camera except for the last shot. This photo was taken with an LG cell phone camera.

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