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Our Journey to Fix Authenticity in Fashion

What is Lana Sarcina: Our Journey to Fix Authenticity in Fashion

“Necessity is the mistress and guide of nature.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci.

What is Lana Sarcina? Lana Sarcina is a fashion startup that aims to fix the authenticity issues in the industry and bring fashion back to its roots. But how did we get here? We set on a journey to change the womenswear landscape by helping women dress with animal- and plant-based garments. The brand's mission is to bring clothing back to its origins and rediscover the value of artistry and slow fashion. To us, slow fashion is going back to designs with traditional materials and making clothing valuable again.

But there’s more to the story from here. Going back to the origins of the Lana Sarcina story, Founder & CEO Natalie Antonia noticed problems in the supply chain and manufacturing of clothing, which inspired her to research and source natural textiles, and the history of the fashion industry. Then we started out by looking at the existing players in the game and their promises to provide quality products to consumers. From here, we went on a mission to solve this problem. We sourced, designed, and researched a way to do this changing the way clothing is valued.

Wool and silk are some of the oldest known textiles and have been highly valued by cultures around the world for thousands of years. During the Renaissance period, clothing was a magnificent symbol of social status and power, and laws were established to regulate what people could wear based on their social position. The wealthiest members of society wore clothing made from luxurious materials like silk, velvet, and brocade, which were often adorned with intricate embroideries. Designers were highly regarded by the wealthy class and made custom garments by hand to perfection.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that man-made plastic fibers were developed to create new, affordable materials for the general population. However, the popularization of man-made fibers led to the rise of corporate logos and mass-production of clothing, reinforcing the idea that branded items were desirable, which promoted a culture of consumerism and free advertising. Today, most clothing products are disposable, whereas in the past, most garments were made to last a lifetime.

From here, we took the time to understand the authenticity problem from the beginnings and then designed the collection to support the execution. Basically, we focused on how your garments should be made. Lana Sarcina is more than just a brand: Lana Sarcina is on a mission to make clothing valuable again. We are launching in 2023 and invite you to be part of our journey.


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