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Staple Pieces Everyone Should Have in Their Closets


One is never over dressed or under dressed in a little black dress,

– Coco Chanel

Famed French Designer Coco Chanel strongly believed that a woman should always have a little black dress hanging in her closet, as it is the perfect staple outfit for any occasion. To this day, many women prefer to reach for the little black dress in their closet for a night out, a formal affair, or dinner with friends as it has lived up to the high standard set by the famous designer. Today, fashion icons swear by their staple pieces that can pull together any look for any occasion. Here are some staple pieces that every fashion savvy person should have in 2020.

A great pair of hoop earrings. No matter the occasion, a set of brilliant hoop earrings can make any outfit look as glamorous as you feel when you step out on the town or when you meet your friends for coffee. The right pair of earrings can give you a boost of confidence and a boost of style.

CREDITS: Hoop Earings from MizDragonfly

High waist black jeans. We can all agree that denim never goes out of style, and frankly, why would it? Versatile, stylish, and comfortable, high waist jeans can not only make any outfit more fashionable, but more comfortable as well. And as we all know, black will always be the new black.


High Waisted Black Jeans from Beserk

A sturdy pair of Oxford flat shoes. Add a sprinkling of vintage to any outfit with some Oxford flat shoes that not only look great, but feel great as you go through your busy day. Got a night out on the town planned but your feet are begging not to put on heels? No sweat! Grab your Oxford flats and hit the clubs! Your feet will thank you!

CREDITS: Oxrord Flat Shoes from Redfoot

A cozy cardigan. With the changing season and unpredictable weather, you’ll want to bring your cozy cardigan with you wherever you go. A cardigan is a great way to stay warm while you still look like a million bucks.


Cardigan from OUI Fashion

Aviator sunglasses. These styles of sunglasses are a classic and look great on everyone. Besides the practical uses, aviator sunglasses can hide those pesky bags under your eyes from the night before. Always a win win!

Credits: Aviator sunglasses from EM.ANI

A fitted black blazer. A good blazer can make any outfit go from casual to classy in a matter of seconds and can be paired with anything from jeans to a little black dress. A good blazer is a must for any closet!


Black Blazer from Guess

Staple pieces are essential for every closet. Not only will you have valued pieces that look great with any accessory, but they’ll stand the test of time and make sure you get your money’s worth.


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