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Natasa Filipovic is all about hats. Seriously.

She designs and manufactures originally made hats, inspired by cloche hats from the 1920s and ‘30s. The hats are very wearable, practical and unique.

Originally from Serbia, Natasa studied law because she was supposed to be a lawyer, according to family tradition. But her love of design was much stronger. In 1996, she established her own brand … NFHATS.

Natasa will always be about the classic hats, but she has added fascinators to her repertoire. She likes to create them with a special kind of fabric flower. Her specialty is to make the dress and flower of the same fabric.

If you like hats, then check out what Natasa has to offer.

Photographer: Danilo Mataruga

Model: Ana Kukric

Makeup Artist: Milica Jevtic

Photographer. Nenad Karlic

Model: Mina Delic

Fashion Designers: Lagami,

and Natasa Filipovic

Accessory Designer: Marija Djokic

Hair Stylist: Renata Molnar Gabor

Makeup Artist: Petar Kostic

Retoucher: Javier Gonzalez

Photographer: Natasa Filipovic

Model: Jelena Dorotka


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