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RG Beauty For All

Photographer: Eye Of Tyra

Makeup Artist: Rhonda Solé

My Face Is A Canvas

Photographer @robshotme

Model @teleonte

"People like Winnie Harlow, Slick Woods and other non-conventional models inspire me. I want to be an example for other non-binary people who may not fit a particular mold to see me and think that they too can be beautiful and follow their dreams.

I’ve been told by countless agencies that they love my look but don’t think I would be “marketable” and I want to prove them wrong by showing that there is a market for me and others like me."

Embrace The Spring

Model @teleonte

Fashion Stylist @itsjoeyjoelle with Tights by @shoplegappeal

Model Coach @model__coach

Photographer @brinhill.official

Cr. Director @itsjoeyjoelle

Mother Agency @sceagency

Take A Ride On The Dark Side

Photographer @teleonte

Model @teleonte

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