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MARIO DONI - Italian Sustainable Handmade Shoes

“The Explosion line was born out of a quest to find a method and colours that would come together in a random way. It took a while but we managed to find a combination of colours that don’t quite blend together with different undulations and splashes on the skin creating uncontrollable geometries and patterns. Each piece is unique and not perfectly replicable and will always have different characteristics from the right to the left.

Around us there is a tendency to become more and more uniform, we want to give the possibility of being unique.

Let’s talk about sustainable materials. The leather we use is vegetable tanned and to date is the least impactful at an environmental level. The clogs are all made of wood and we do not use plastic. For greater transparency, each sandal has a QR code certifying the origin of the

materials used.

My name is Paola Venzi and I’m the owner of Mario Doni.”

Credits: Mario Doni


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