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Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Born in Miami, Pina Salcecci represents a fusion of styles, sustainability, and glamour. Taking their cue from fashions experimental pop projects.. Salcecci has established emotional projects, personal with her touch, distinctive and original. Zolota spoke to Angelique about evolving, delving into new style, her history, and inspirations.

What is your story as a designer?

As a designer, I feel that I have a double responsibility both towards my clients and towards the environment. I focus on making collections that are as sustainable as possible, finding new ways to repurpose fabrics and making sure everything is done as ethically as possible. For my clients, I not only help them find what looks good on them and make it to measure but I also guide them through their fashion journey. By proposing styling services, I am creating a sense of community where I go beyond a typical online store. My job does not end once the product is purchased. I also help my clients find new ways to wear their clothes, how to update their wardrobe to reduce the number of garments thrown out. If they do have a piece that they no longer want, we can intake the piece if it’s not in conditions to be donated to repurpose it. Finally, we also propose fashion emergency services to help on any last minute complication or stressful fashion related situation.

Introduce us to your history of sustainable fashion. What inspired this type of works?

Around 12 years ago, I did an internship for a fashion company in Toulouse and I noticed how much fabric waste was thrown out. After doing some research I realized how much pollution the fashion industry caused and I wanted to help reduce it, even if it was at a small scale. In fact, the first competition I ever did was a sustainable competition where I used scraps (2cm x 8cm) from that company to create a skirt. Ever since, I’ve been partnering with local designers to repurpose dead stock and fabric waste. When I have tiny scraps that can’t be reused, I organize them in bags per color to include them in paintings.

What collection has inspired you mostly?

I would say every collection has their own way to leave an imprint on you but the one that touched me the most was the previous collection I did when I launched my brand. I wanted it to tell my story and share my roots with the world. Every detail relates to my story. The braids reflect my origins, with each branch representing a culture I grew with (French, Colombian and American), the colors tell the story of Toulouse and it’s sunset: the lavender echos our violet flower, the pinks are a tribute to the Pink City’s nickname,… Most of the collection was made with dead stock fabric I own.

Do you see this series as fashion commentary, an experiment, or something else entirely? Why?

To me, sustainability in fashion is an important aspect where as a designer, we really have that responsibility to keep creating while trying to limit the damage we can cause to the planet. Moreover, we are also seeing consumer behaviors changing and now more than ever we have a new generation of consumers that are interested in purchasing products in a more ethical way.

What’s a normal day for you?

A normal day usually starts with an ice coffee while I check my appointments and create a to do list for the day. Not every day is the same but globally what doesn’t change is client appointments whether for custom garments/ jewelry or for styling services, the production of sketches and garments as well as the preparation of future projects.

What movie are you currently seeing on Netflix?

I’m currently finishing A Million Little Things. I’m obsessed with this show! I’m also loving DollFace on Hulu

When you’re in need of inspiration, what do you do?

When I need inspiration, you will find me in nature. I feel like disconnecting from the real world to let your soul breathe and enjoy the simple things really helps for inspiration. I get to see shapes within the leaves or flowers that open a new path for me. Of course, whenever my schedule allows me, travelling to discover a new country and culture is also a great way to find inspiration again!

What inspired you to launch ?

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of launching my brand. Today, I understand better the why of my business. I want my clients to not only feel beautiful and confident with what they’re wearing, but to know that they are not alone in their fashion journey. Whatever their need maybe, we can customize it to make their dream a reality. Creating that sense of community is important to me.

The label was launched in 2021, which must have presented some difficulties. Tell us a bit about the experience of launching the brand.

Launching a brand as a young designer is never an easy task. It requires a lot of work, a lot of sleepless night but when you have a passion, that you love what you are doing no sacrifice is too big. I had to put on different hats when it came to launching and sometimes I would be running a one man show. Now I have a small team that helps me.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of projects that will be coming out this year which I’m very excited about! In the immediate near future, I am working on expanding my brand to my hometown and find new ways to be preserving our savoir faire in the South of France.

For more information check out: @pinasalcecci and @shop.pinasalcecci

Bade Fuwa @badefuwa

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