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KIPKALINKA: Fine Skull Jewelry From Germany

What inspired you to start your business and create skull jewellery?

"At 15 I decided I wanted to become a goldsmith. My first class was back at grammar school, and now it‘s been 15 years since I graduated with a craft certificate from a renowned German Goldsmith school. During this pursuit, I sadly realised how cheap most goth and alternative jewellery was made, I thought that it was such a shame. Already during my apprenticeship, I got the idea to make real, fine, lasting, well designed dark jewellery as there wasn‘t any available.

After working for other master goldsmiths and further studies, I released my first skull rings for women in 2013. They became an immediate success!"

What makes your jewellery unique and different from other wedding rings?

"I believe my work can help you embrace yourself as a beautifully strange and unusual individual - to give you a sense of not being alone in your otherness, to find pride in feeling different from the crowd, and encourage you to express your uniqueness in a subtle but unmistakable way.

My interest in mythology and my synaesthesia guides me to the right names for my creations. Many are dedicated to dark goddesses and women of power from myth and lore. In this way, I invite you to tie their stories into your own, to inspire you through these representations of the feminine, beyond common stereotypes."

How do you design and craft your jewellery? What materials and techniques do you use?

"What you get from KIPKALINKA is true, fine skull jewellery with soul. I’m possibly the only one crazy enough to mount and solder prototypes in silver; what makes for uncomparable detail. My mission is to subtly undermine classic fine jewellery.

It’s of the utmost importance to me, that pieces are made to last, and be true to you. Durable metals, like platinum and white gold, give a sense of noble eternity, and I am dedicated to put my extensive knowledge of gemstones in your service to find the jewels that speak to you. I use recycled precious metals from old jewellery and I preferably use natural gemstones.

I am fascinated by the longevity of fine jewellery, all the things it sees, the memories it makes. With time the piece gets charged with energy from those who own it. It’s the ingredient of time which makes a difference. Given the object is made and treated well enough, it can survive centuries. Thus I feel responsible to provide that exact quality.

What kind of brides are your ideal customers? How do you cater to their preferences and personalities?

"My customers feel different from the crowd. Personally, I know how lost we can feel in our otherness. My jewellery helps the strange and unusual express their uniqueness in a subtle but unmistakable way. Exquisite fine jewellery from afar that holds a secret mystery, that the bearer is left to disclose to only those they let close enough.

The point of jewellery is to bring you closer to yourself, the core of your being with focused observation of the piece. A talismanic anchor to offer support and protection while living as your most authentic self.

Formerly, skull rings were chunky things for bikers and bad boys. I take pride in being part of tearing this bulwark down. Women were yearning to express their bad ass attitude and love for the darkness in an elegant way. I think that’s why there is such a love for my work."

What do you feel when you see your jewellery on a bride's finger? What message do you want to convey with your jewellery?

" Joy and excitement! When something I’ve made becomes a talisman to another person and a part of their life – as a symbol of love or as a support to establish a deeper connection to their truest essence, there are no other words I could use. I love when customers receive what I’ve made and it exceeds expectations.

Actually, I tear up each time a customer writes me to express their gratitude. It touches me deeply, that such a small thing I made with my hands, can bear so much meaning and lives with them every day."

Never care about conventions. Wedding rings are a very important personal item, so you are the only person to decide what’s right for you.


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