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'Hamilton Fashion Week 2023 was an incredible experience. We had so many people working together for the growth of the fashion industry. The HFW platform allows designers, models, photographers and other fashion arts professionals to thrive. The event creates a dramatic stimulation in the local fashion economy.

Eleanor Geraldine loves the exposure that HFW brings. It is the only way that we can reach so many new people to our brand. We also get immediate reactions on our designs which allows us to grow.

Eleanor Geraldine is a fashion brand that is hand made in Hamilton, Ontario. Everyday Elegance is our motto. We provide unique and exciting pieces that can make everyday a special day.'

-Ken and Krystal

'HFW 2023 was Oakbark & Chrome’s first fashion show experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The highlight was being able to meet fellow designers, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists and media personalities - as well as talking directly to the attendees about our brand and products. There is a tangible feeling of energy and excitement before the experience of the runway, and the feeling of being up there to represent Oakbark & Chrome was absolutely incredible. It reminded us of the lead up to horse shows, where preparation is everything, and the atmosphere is filled with ambition.

Oakbark & Chrome was born from a shared enthusiasm of horses and fashion. We've developed a line of handbags and accessories imbued with both. Our products have been meticulously designed, tested and crafted to keep pace with your lifestyle.'


'I love when the community shows up to support local fashion. It was lovely to be able to share my work with everyone.

Neoteny is a streetwear fashion brand that focuses heavily on sustainability. True to the design aesthetic of Lex Brown. Crafted in studio made (mostly) in Hamilton and bits from Toronto.

Try to be as sustainable as possible during production, using only naturally sourced, deadstock, or upcycled materials.

Our clothing is naturally inspired in design and we focus on creating a more sustainable wardrobe, with intentional pieces for a timeless wardrobe.

We foster the repair mentality when it comes to clothing. We offer alterations as a service, with the full purpose of evolving your garments with you.'

-Lex Brown

'My experience at HFW23 was very positive and the energy of the audience was incredible. My brand is sustainable fashion with a haute couture edge and a flair of vintage and elegance. People, music and art helps me to be susceptible in my designs and collection.'

- Domenica DiPietro from Domenication

Photo by our guest photographer Jim Orgill

'We were very pleased to be a part of the show accessorizing one of the Hamilton’s local

designers ~ Domenication. We love how the Gala Fashion show was able to highlight the very talented local designers in the area. It is so important to raise the awareness and perspective on the Canadian Fashion Industry.

The eponymous ooobaby luxe handbags was established in 2017 with sophisticated and timeless aesthetics alongside a contemporary collection with creative and glamorous elements.

ooobaby luxe handbags style features clean lines, gorgeous silhouettes with hand-crafted details. Minimalist in shape, maximalist in the functionality!'

-Tulin Sallabank

'The experience we had on HFW 2023 was amazing. and also it was a great networking event for our brand to showcase our products and feedback was amazing.

Our Brand name - Certitudebyk,

I, Dilini Fernando and My sister, kanchana Fernando are the co- partners of the Business. This is our parents' Family Business and Our Mom and Dad are still continuing the business in Sri Lanka.

We, Certitudebyk, a sustainable clothing line and taking every step towards environment and community.We work with girls from probation and child care, creating these beautiful pieces to promote handmade arts and crafts to support the livelihood of underprivileged women in sri Lanka

All these exquisite pieces are handmade with lots of love using custom hand designed fabrics using batik technique and if you own any of these products be rest assured that you are helping the families of local communities to develop their livelihood. Therefore, we pledge our bit towards making the world a better place. one piece of batik fabric at a time.

at HFW 2023, we showcased our products under the local designer shop Ark Collective. We have set up our own shelf space in Ark Collective Hamilton and Thanks to the Ark Collective owner - Ayodele, that is how we got the opportunity to take part in HFW . But our brand name is Certitude by k.'

-Dilini Fernando

All Featured Designers:

Leslie Smith, Cavallo & Co, Wyll & Oak, Eseohe, Keyda Couture, Domenication, Sari KNOT Sari,Kikis Closets, Neoteny Apparel, Nixx Fashions, Eleanor Geraldine , Oakbark and Chrome, Ark Collective, Shape Perfect, Silkeez, Kandy Intimates

Reporter and Photographer: Alissa Baltazar



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