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The fashion industry is one of the largest pollutants in the world. Nowadays, people are being more aware of its impact and are willing to change their consumptions habits. The rise of the demand for more sustainability in the fashion industry has led to an awakening of designers and brands who wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

Greener is the brand who has this amazing project of saving the world thanks to their clothes.

This is not just a sustainable fashion alternative but also a solution to face Global pollution. Purifying the air and make our planet a better place is as simple as wearing clothes. Greener’s philosophy is to change the world and engage its citizens into having better habits. The best way to achieve this, is from the everyday acts: a fact as common as dressing each morning with clothes that purifies the air.

Greener has high standards. All their suppliers, products, and manufacture respect environmental and ethical values. Therefore, it is important for them to have

certificates and labels that approve to their philosophy. Not only do they care about the environment but also about all the living-beings and the human rights, you can learn more about them at this link: 2

Greener clothes can clean the air as it passes through its fabric. That sounds amazing but, how does it work?

All the fabrics are being treated with a completely natural product, they convert CO2, NOx and VOCs into composite that are harmless to both living beings and the environment. Consequently, every time the clothes are worn, the air gets purer. As soon as the air get in contact with the treated fabric, the green gases are eliminated. The work done by the Greener’s clothes is similar to the photosynthesis process.

They have other ability such as being anti-microbial and bactericidal which means they eliminate unpleasant odours. Moreover, the clothes act as a virucidal agent eliminating viruses including COVID19. The clothing works just as well during day and night, but it is more efficient when it receives light, whether natural or artificial. The efficiency of the ability to purify the air is guaranteed for the

lifetime of the garment. However, it is not completely wash resistant, each time it is washed it lose a little bit of its effectiveness very slowly.

Our product has been analysed by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), the university of Alicante and the Valencian Institute of Microbiology. Those studies have confirmed the abilities that we mention before making Greener a special brand.

The brand embodies the perfect blend between physics, artificial intelligence, and fashion. Monica Gilarranz enrolled in physics and with computer engineer and artificial intelligence professor Fernando Pérez, they conceived the idea of creating clothes to purify the air. After months of laboratory testing, Greener was born. “We wanted to go further, we are a sustainable brand, and we try to generate the minimum impact with what we do. However, we also want to help others to do so. For this we decided to create something that is at the service of the environment but accessible by all: Clothes” say the founders of this unique yet amazing project.

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