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Sustainable Swimwear Trends 2021

Founded somewhere in between the island of Sylt and the Jardin Majorelle – Piwari means to wave – like the aurora australis in the sky, like a palm tree in the wind.

The first collection is inspired by the beauty of Marbella, a shell with pearlescent shine from Tarifa & Moroccan patterns found in the heart of Marrakesh.

By following a made-to-order philosophy, we have the possibility to offer custom tailoring of our designs, handmade with love.

We use finest Italian fabric made from two state of the art fibers.

ECONYL® regenerated yarn is made from nylon waste recovered from our oceans and landfills, such as fishing-nets and fabric scraps.

Combined with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ longevity for a joy that lasts a lifetime is ensured.

Piwari. Become one with the ocean!

Southern Cross Classic Swimsuit €189,00

SeaMorgens are passionate about conserving the marine environment after seeing first-hand the devastation plastic has caused, which is why we decided to create our unique, sustainable, recycled plastic swimwear. Many people do not realise that all swimwear contains plastic, however all of our eco-friendly swimwear is made from a material which is produced using recycled plastic bottles and abandoned ocean fishing nets. Our fun, beautiful, unique prints are inspired by the ocean and are hand drawn by our designer who has taken inspiration from her personal experiences and passion for our marine world. Created for active ocean lovers, all of our swimwear has been put to the test in a range of activities to ensure a comfortable, secure fit without compromising on style.

We really hope you love what we have created.

Manta Ray Wrap Bikini Top £32.00 GBP

Manta Ray Three Strap Bikini Bottoms £28.00 GBP

When designing swim, I had two things in mind, being body conscious, complimenting the female form, while simultaneously leaving as little impact on the planet as possible. Now I know that we can actually help the planet, and in fact clean up our oceans by bringing you erth swim. Why? Watch the video on the next page.

Always an Aussie girl at heart my love for swimming & the Ocean has never died, there is nothing more healing and cleansing then diving into crisp clear salt water and feeling the warm glow of the sun on my skin. Since becoming a mother, I felt there was a gap in the market for chic, timeless, flattering, shape wear swimwear, that can still be sexy, and worn easily under denim, and most importantly. prioritizes the health of the very oceans we swim in. Filling this gap, has been my driving force in creating this line.

Our first look into the world of erth swim shows Classic swim shillouettes, must have timeless staples for your collection. 9 styles, mix and match eco separates made in almost black "Midnight", and shapewear style full pieces in "Nero", with subsequent color releases to follow. Our fabrics feature, Micro Recycled PA, Italian Luxe Fabric, Elastane, Sand Resistance, Muscle Control, Ultra Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying, UV Protection UPF 50+, and shape retention. All styles are made ethically for women by women in Bali, Indonesia.

I am so excited to share styles that show off, sculpt, and protect the female body in all of its glorious forms. Good vibes are coming your way.

Lets save our oceans, one swimsuit at a time.

The Golden Hour Top - $89.00

Bottom - $89.00

Founded in the Caribbean Island Saint Lucia, the ocean holds a dear space in our hearts. Our swim is made from plastics from the ocean, For the ocean.

Coco Two Piece Set $44.40

We are a design duo who studied fashion design in Finland and always knew we wanted to do something unique. Halla Halla started from our shared passion for the ocean and ethically made sustainable swimwear.

We spent many years in the beautiful but cold Finland and then traveled the world to surf, enjoy the sun, and explore different cultures. We want to spread the sunshine and happiness we have gained from our experiences to different places around the world as well as to share our passion for sustainability and mind-blowing designs. This is how Halla Halla was born and we can proudly say we are the first sustainable swimwear brand in Finland.

All our items are eco-friendly and feature wild and one of a kind prints and color combinations. There is no other brand like us out there! Our swimwear is suitable from surfing to sunbathing, you name it! Our styles are versatile and everyone can find their perfect fit. Life is too short for boring swimwear so join us and stand out like never before.

Classy One Piece Safari - 90,00€

Yeah, we’re different.

We're a swimsuit company that actually believes in: Quality over quantity. Creating one-of-a kind swimsuits and sewing them by hand. Paying our employees fair, living wages. Putting our money where our mouth is and making decisions that value sustainability and community over profit. Be the Strange you wish to see in the world.

Long Sleeve Surf Suit One Piece $185.00

Woodlike Ocean was born from the ocean; sustainable swimwear crafted out of ocean recovered fishing nets and other recycled material. Merging two aspects as the foundation of our activities. The ocean and you, a modern woman that embraces a healthy lifestyle. You are conscious and generous towards the environment, confident and comfortable in all aspects of your being.

Anais Top - Reversible flower / blue - 99.00 €

AMI Hipster - Reversible flower / blue - 79.00 €

The VDM The Label team believes quality and sustainability can co-exist, and that the fashion industry can and must change its practices to reduce pollution and landfill. Fast fashion and a “throw away” culture have also contributed to these issues, and we believe sustainable fashion - using recycled, regenerated fibre from consumer waste products is part of the solution.

Big industry players recognise us for the uniqueness of our designs and technical construction. Our aim is to be an industry leader who create high quality, high-end fashion that is affordable and ethical, while simultaneously improving our carbon footprints (PCFs), ecological footprints (EFs), and life cycle assessment (LCA).

VDM The Label are making it our mission to prove that together we can make a difference. We believe it is our responsibility to help educate and offer our consumers sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

We make it easy for consumers to choose sustainable swimwear and fashion. We make all our products from sustainable fabrics, so whichever style you crave, rest assured its sustainability made.

Our focus is on custom prints and sexy silhouettes. For consumers, our brand is a safe choice—authentic, sexy & sustainable.

Elly 70's Floral One Piece $119.95

Australian, sustainable & ethically made

We are committed to ensuring our garments are made in an ethical manner in Australian factories. Having our products manufactured locally we are able to first-hand manage quality, ethical working conditions and ensure fair wages. In doing so, we are able to create quality pieces that align with our values and ethos, using sustainably sourced fabrics. Feel good doing the things you love, do good wearing Australian made.

Kirra Midi Bottoms - Snake $36.32

Dignified Aesthetic - We stand for diversity and embody inclusivity through swimwear that offers an empowering option for all. We believe there is beauty in every body.

Quality Craftsmanship - We hold ourselves, our fabrics, and our hardware to the highest standard; we achieve this through intricately and artisanally created pieces, offering clean finished seams that won’t cut into you, and smooth, gentle fabrics, unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Locally Driven - Created, developed, produced, and established - our brand is built through our community. We are constantly looking to engage and collaborate with those around us.

Morally Manufactured - Our company utilizes local artisans and experts. We focus on working with companies that offer fair wages, a sense of value, and a healthy working environment for all production personnel.

Vivianne Bikini Top - $80.00

Vivianne Bikini Bottom - $80.00

Zorya is a brand founded by famous poledance instructor and performer Tjasa Skubic. As a real insider in the industry she knew that a real sustainable option was still missing, so she decided to create one herself. Not much later Tjasa discovered the poledance wear was also perfect to swim in and ZORYA suddenly also became an option for the sustainable swimwear enthusiast.

What is so sustainable about ZORYA? To start with the material, a full 100% ECONYL regenerated nylon. This is nylon made entirely from ocean and landfill waste thereby both cleaning up trash while ensuring that no more ‘trash’ is created.

What else? Well, ZORYA only uses recycled bags to wrap their boxes in and also keeps a sharp eye on the salaries and working conditions of their workers. Literally, because the factory is just two streets away from Tjasa’s office and therefore easily reachable. Want to know more? Just click the icons!

Mara Turquoise €89.00

The essence of Vinnia lies in the natural world around us. By creating clothing that compliments the body and protects the environment, we not only get to revel in the outside world every day, but we get to bring our office into nature and create striking and unique pieces which celebrate the harmony between society and that which surrounds us. As is often the case with so many new brands, Vinnia was born from a gap in the market which left me unable to find the perfect bikini – one I loved the look of and which could also be considered eco-friendly. From there it was simply a case of sourcing and partnering with the right fabric suppliers and the right packaging brands to ensure that every touchpoint of our business was as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Is everything Eco-Friendly? We strive to be a brand that protects and supports your environment, your body, and your wallet. That means that everything we create and everything we do is centred around providing customers with the finest quality – without leaving destruction in our wake. Our manufacturing process brings together an international community, with our designs starting life on paper in the UK before being brought to life in the flesh at our small atelier in Portugal. With involvement in the entire process from start to finish, we can ensure that every style delivers on the preferences and trends loved by our customers – including price!

Alatu Armee Bikini - 80.00 €


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