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Dress - Norelly Shirt - Penny Black Pants - Mango
Dress - Norelly Shirt - Penny Black Pants - Mango

This fashion editorial was inspired by the area in Tel Aviv where I lived for 2 years and would like to convey its unusual atmosphere and remember it just like that.

Florentin is Telavivian neighborhood of slums, creative bohemians and street graffiti. Ragged houses, cheap eateries, market patches and illegal brothels here side by side with trendy bars, flowering balconies, crowds of interesting young people, students and artists, in front of which the dogs of the most eccentric breeds walk without leashes. It would seem how the sonorous name Florentin is combined with such a strange place? But questions are precisely the reasons why the entire district, and especially its main street of the same name, attracts so much outside attention.

The controversial, intimidating and intriguing Florentin - here you can meet Israelis in expensive cars, African workers and famous musicians or artists.

This is a photo story about young people who live in the area. I see them bright, beautiful and contrasting against the background of chaotic, dirty but so beloved. This is Florentin.

In the house: Shirt - DaryaBurov, Dress - Purple
Guitar: Dress - Norelly, Shirt - Penny Black, Pants - Mango
Chair: Shirt - Penny Black, Pants - Mango, Shoes - Lanvin x H&M
Kitchin: Dress - Norelly
Restaurant: Skirt - Maryn, Shirt - Mango, Shirt - Maryn
Buying Fruits: Skirt - Maryn, Shirt - Mango, Shirt - Maryn, Pants - Nike

Photographer/Creative Director: Mariya Sharf

Fashion Designer: Marianna Nazaruk

Model: Vladi Zalivansky @Brik @brickmodels @zavaaaa

Makeup Artist: Or Yair

Model: Daniel Shtaiman @Mars @we_r_mars

Wardrobe Stylist: Chelsy Second Hand Boutique

Stylist: Darya Burov

Hair Stylist: Shir Sharabi

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