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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

World's most fashionable and unique face mask designers.

1. Rebekah Jarvey

"I’m self proclaimed indigenous fashionista who wanted to unite French Fashion House Louis Vuitton and Indigenous style with a modern urban touch with intentions of bringing unity & awareness through culture & fashion.

The Day & Night mask was born from this idea. I wanted to have a bold fashion statement, screaming wearing a mask can be fun, cultural & modern."


Photos 1 'Day & Night" mask

Model: Catlin Ironman, Designer: Rebekah Jarvey, Photographer: Rebekah Jarvey

'Mother & Son Collab'

Designer: Rebekah Jarvey, Designer: Royce Jarvey, Photographer: Myron (Ree) Old Bull 

2. Gelareh Designs

" I looked out at the world and a fear grew in me. Humanity was forced to separate themselves from one another, borders closed, and a growing presence of the unknown haunted me. The uncertainty manifested as an energy within me, and I knew the only way out is to go in. Facing my fears meant transmuting that energy into art. I would like to present to all of you, my first line of wearable art masks. Each mask is a physical representation of the levels of fear I felt from the start of this pandemic. These masks represent solidarity with every person on earth, also facing their fears. These masks are a way for its wearers to express themselves despite the air of oppression and stagnancy. I pray for the day we can unveil our masks and be together once again.

The oppressive nature of this global pandemic burdened my mind, so transferred my energy into creating these masks. My art has become a therapeutic way of battling the mental distress of this current reality. I can only hope that my strength resides within these pieces, so the wearer may persevere through these trying times. We stand together in solidarity. No matter how dark my life has become, the light of creation always guided my way. May it guide yours, too."


Aliza Mask, Pompeii Mask , Var Mask

All masks can be made in Black, White, Silver, Gold & Red

Promo code for our readers to get 20% off is: ZOLOTA20

This is only for masks and its valid till the end of August 2020.


"Although masks have been mandatory in Los Angeles, we often see many people wandering the streets with no masks. We also have observed people gathering and feeling comfortable with one another and taking off their masks.   We understand that wearing masks does not procure a great sense of closeness and freedom. For that reason, we came up with the idea to create and innovate masks where we can see each other and get a better feel of each other's expressions during these tough times. Our masks have been engineered right here, locally in Los Angeles. We wanted to create masks that would provide a great option for balancing infection prevention with the desire to be able to see somebody's mouth move and their smile. We have created several clear transparent masks that are fashionable and quite unique ! 

All our clears masks are great options for lip reading, hearing impaire, ASL, Hard of Hearing, socializing, educating. Our clear transparent masks are also breathable , reusable, easy to clean, made in the USA , and great physical barriers to particles and droplets and are esthetically pleasing and comfortable.  'We now know that the virus cannot penetrate plastic or solid materials' - David Aronoff, director of infectious disease at the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and inflammation.  My sister and I wear masks because we believe it will help greatly to stop the spread of the virus. We also understand that many can carry the virus and be asymptomatic. By wearing a mask, we are considerate of others who might be more compromised than ourselves. Although our masks are not medical grade, we know that wearing Protective masks lower the risk of infecting and of being infected."


4. Bella Artistry

"At  Bella Artistry our main focus is creating custom clothing and accessories for our clientele who happen to be individuals in the pro sports arena and the entertainment industry. The whole reason my business even began 20 years ago was to make people stand out in a crowd on game day. The wives to pro ball players don’t want to look like every Tom, Dick and Mary in the crowd. So it would only make sense that our mask focus isn’t just for function but most definitely for fashion! If you HAVE to wear one, it might as well be fabulous. We will create anything you want from bridal masks to removable patch masks to designer materials  to masks for those that just want to be compliant. Let us help you stay fabulous AND germ free. Ciao Bella! May your day be filled with sparkle!" CREDITS:

Biker chic (Designer scarf mask with Swarovski detail)

The bride/groom and flower girl set. Mr and Mrs. Bridal mask Designer mask with upcycled materials. Worn under protest masks.

5. Masking Me Out

"We are a team of two friends who are also neighbors. Sewing has always been a hobby but became a necessity overnight when Noelle lost her job due to Covid. Having to wear masks ourselves we became obsessed about finding what fabrics and styles were comfortable. Our attention was also turned to finding the fun in masks; being able to express our personalities or just match our outfits. Jamie bedazzled one of her masks and suddenly people were messaging us on how to get their own. Mask fashion, just like any other kind of fashion, is about expression and self confidence. Its a way to make yourself feel good and also bring lightness to this grim time."



Brandon Horsley-Thompson

Ekaterina Sultanova

Masks are sewn by Noelle Frances and rhinestoned by Jamie Lee Sperati

6. Beaure Designs

"Mask fashion is the new fashion.  It is a new way for people to express themselves.  No fashion accessory can do that more than one worn over the face.  As this global pandemic will find its way into the history books, masks will surely be remembered as the fashion phenomenon of this decade."

--- Steph @ Beaure Designs


Beaure Design




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