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BESTIAE HairArt by Stipe Filipovic

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Grude, Bosna i Hercegovin

Hair: @stipe_filipovic

Photo: @karmen_oblak

Model: Josip Tabak

MUA: Seka Kozul

Model: Anda Maric

Model: Sarah Ivankovic

Model: Marko Radoja

Model: Ivan Matic

Hair asistant: Anđa Zorić

Via @officialkavyar

Countless times people have used their power to mistreat animals, in the fashion industry as well as other areas, often in the cruelest of ways, resulting in torture, mutilation, and when finished, putting to death.

As an animal lover and because of the industry that I work in, I’m against every form of violence against animals. Through the “Bestiae” campaign I want to prove that we can create products that meet human needs without the necessity of abusing an animal’s needs.

For these hair styles, I have collected animal remains, including feathers, wool, and fur from cats, horses and dogs.

The main point of this campaign is to raise public awareness to the global abuse and exploitation of Animal kingdom.

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