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Man. Woman. Human.

From darkness to light. Is it a Man or a Woman? Does it even matter?!

Our society needs to put a label and categorize everything, but who said that all human beings can fit into those labels?

The LGBT community, especially Transgender people, are not treated the same way as everyone else in Israeli society. They're having problems such as getting a job, having equal rights getting married properly, they don’t have the option to adopt children and many other rights that "normal" people get. We say - No more darkness.

The purpose of the shoot is to raise awareness for the rights of the LGBT community.

The photoshoot took place in Tel-Aviv - A city that welcomes people from the LGTB community, and known as one of the most Liberal cities in the world.

Lee and Adrian: “The idea of the production came from our desire to create something new and meaningful. We wanted to work together on something other than our routine day job in the wedding industry. We both like black & white colors, contrasted photography and we both like the punk-grange edgy look. We wanted to tell a story that is close to our hearts.

We chose Erika as our model. Erika is a transgenger woman. She has such a strong statement. From a young age she was open and proud about her process of becoming the woman she really is. She is not afraid of being provocative even when she knows it may lead to harmful comments. She stands up against everyone who have a problem with her or the way she looks. We see her as a role model for other Transgenders who are afraid to be themselves. By being so direct and honest we see her as a revolutionary person.

Transgenders are born with the feeling that they are trapped in the wrong body. During the Shoot, Erika takes off all the heavy Black layers to the pure light White, and stand proud, strong and naked. The black clothes and straps represent the difficulties that the authorities gives the LGBT community. the white wedding gowns and accessories represent the hope for their journey. The super delicate and feminine make-up for the shoot by Yael Lahav.

Article by Lee Kodo

Designer: Lee Kodo @leekodo

Photography: Adrian Sebal @adrian_photographer

Hair&makeup : Yael Lahav @yaellahavmakeup

Model: Erika Kosolov @genderika

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