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Lee Kodo

I am Lee Kodo, the founder and CEO of Lee Kodo’S Bridal Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. My wedding gown design mission is to make comfortable, chic, effortless silhouettes that celebrates the feminine figure and make my beautiful brides look at their best.

I started Lee Kodo in 2013 after graduating “Shenkar”-  Israel’s College of Design & Engineering with no money or outside investment and immediately started selling and grow my business and to date it’s a bootstraps growing company.    


I absolutely love my work and am most passionate & obsessed about it. 

I believe the perfect stylish cool fit is the most important part of my dresses. 

I get inspiration from my unique childhood memories growing up in the KIBUTZ in the South of Israel. 

I observe the way bohemian rock icons I love interpreted their style and bring my own light BohoChic, romantic edge to it.

I love fashion. I live fashion. I breath fashion. I’m obsessed about fashion.

My design process starts with me thinking about every little detail & nuance. I source the most beautiful & sustainable fabrics and complete the process with the bride that will wear it. 

This way I make sure that my designs are individual, flattering to the different body types or shapes and brings the best out of my brides.  

In my personal life I always wear Black , heavy jewelries and accessories.Since wedding gowns are all about white , when it comes to styling in photoshoots you can always spot glimpse of blackness that I put in it 

Ever since I was a little girl in the Kibutz, I was considered to be Artistic & Creative. 

When I adored a musician or a band like Noga Erez for example, I use to first & foremost look on what they are wearing. That is my first attraction to a person. Then comes the rest. at school I was always assigned & lead the styling, fashion, art tasks.

My inspiration comes from looking at street fashion, streetart, nature, my personal life and a lot of imagination. 

I love the 20’s & Charleston fashion. I’m obsessed with Baggy oversized looks, Swag looks, Hip Hop culture, multiple accessories, many layers and lots and lots of details. 

In my recent collection I was deeply inspired from musicians like Noga Erez, Billie Eilish and Lola Marsh. They all are very authentic and you can immediately recognize their unique voice and signature. They are original, honest, straight forward, unapologetic and they spill their guts through their art. They don’t seem to care about fame or ego. 

They just do their thing with lots of talent. They are my role models. And this is always what I aim to do with my work.

In 2020 collection I go back to detailing. I created my own unique tassels sawn with stone beads. Part of the collection I created a pattern made of beads on a velvet fabric. All handmade, used unique laces and bold combinations between fabrics and patterns.  

All brides always think that the most important part of a successful wedding is the dress, so my mission is to make my brides to look damn good. Stunning. 

And I make sure to highlight the best and most beautiful parts in their body and hide potential flaws while making sure they are comfortable.  

I am obsessed to bring the best of my brides and make sure that my bride of any shape and size can wear Lee Kodo and look absolutely amazing doing it.

Wedding gowns & Styling: Lee Kodo

Photography: Barangapix By Elad Baranga

Hair&MakeUp: Inbal Shumer

Model: Noa Ben Ari

Wedding gowns & Styling: Lee Kodo

Photographer: Lior Rotstein

Hair&Make-up: Yael Eitan

Model: Mai Zachor

2020 LEE KODO’s Bridal Collection

Photography: Adrian Sebal

Hair: Dana Braids

MakeUp: Sharon Lustig

Set design: Studio Galita

Location: Barangapix Studio

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