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I’m a self-taught makeup artist with almost 3 years of industry experience. My journey started a few years after high school where I was incredibly splitted about what to do with my life. My original plan had included academia, more specifically healthcare and science, but I never really felt like I fit in, so I sought an escape from reality through makeup which began on myself and my friends and evolved from there. It started as a small hobby where I would recreate looks from magazines, movies, tv-series and online personalities. Since I’ve been drawing and painting since childhood it made complete sense to combine my knowledge of color theory and techniques with the makeup looks I created. It also helped me to understand skin tones and undertones from pretty early on in my work.

After a few years of practicing on myself, friends and having the odd photoshoot “just for fun” once a year or so, a local photographer agreed to work with me as the makeup artist and a friend of mine as the model. It was a great experience and I was hooked immediately. The photographer and I still work together to this day and we have both a great work-relationship and friendship.

After that shoot more photographers started to notice me and my work, and before I knew it I was working multiple times a week. It was mostly test work at first to build a portfolio but it quite quickly turned into paid jobs for bigger brands. The client I am most proud of landing is Bershka but I’ve also been incredibly lucky to work with brands such as Illum Copenhagen, Simply Chocolate and Vintage Revivals. I feel so lucky to be doing this thing that I love so incredibly much as a job.

One of my favorite aspects of the job is the people I meet. I get super inspired by just looking at the faces I’m working on, learning their stories and creating something that’s flattering on them yet modern and fits in with the theme of the job. I love learning about different cultures, views and interests from my own, and learning about new things always fuel new ideas and looks in my head. Sometimes I can just look at nature and find something so incredibly inspiring. I honestly get inspired by life itself because there’s so much to be seen and learnt.

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