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Robbie Liu

"Music, fashion and art inspire me most. I think those three things are all connected with creative works involving hair styling."

Meet Robbie, an amazing hair stylist from China.  

He began his career in 2000 after taking a cosmetology course with Vidal Sassoon. Afterwards, he joined VS SH China and in 2005 became a senior instructor VS. In 2009 Robbie established the Debut Hair Academy SH China. Since 2017 he is a Schwarzkopf professional China National education manager where he created his hair art. His work is magical and timeless.

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Hair Stylist - Robbie Liu @robbie0044

Fashion Stylist - Victor Goh @victor_goh

Makeup Artist - Miyazaki Ryu @lukemiyazaki

Photo- Qian Jun

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