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Alexey Barinov was born in Novgorod, Russia and started his career as a photographer in 2012. His first camera was a Nikon 1 and he has stuck with this brand to this day.

Alexey’s main life goal has always been to be successful and to become a photographer. During the years, he was inspired by Russian photographers and photographers around the globe. At first, he mastered his art on the urban streets. After some time when he understood that it was time to grow and go forward, he finished his first Fashion school in his home city and this became his first step to move to the capital. In Moscow, he continued his education in “Mentorship with Evgeniy Dyuzhakin”. He received much experience there and exchanged knowledge with like minded peoples and colleagues. Alexey chose to focus on fashion photography and decided to finish one more school in Moscow’s “Paris’s school of stylists”. He found new knowledge and a clear view of what he wanted to do. During this time, he got a chance to work with many Moscow designers, brands and model agencies. Many of his creative projects were published in foreign fashion magazines.

To this day, Alexey continues to learn new styles and techniques and is inspired by international photographers, magazines and designers.

The following artists are some of his inspiration:

Photographers: Nick Knight, Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Miles Aldridge.

Designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen.”

Model test shots and fashion stories are Alexey's favorite things to shoot.

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Barinov Alexey

Photographer & Creative Director: Barinov Alexey
Makeup: Maria Okuneva @mua.sheg
M.A. @envoleemodels
Model: Anastasia Pantileeva  @polumna7
City: Moscow

Photographer: Barinov Alexey
Designer: Masha Kraft @masha.kraft.official
Stylist: Natalya @darthvaderislove
Makeup: Maria Semenova @makeup.mos
Hair: Irina Guleva @irkaguleva
Model: Sasha @sashahomie

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